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<h2> <br />We get consumers out of debt.</h2>
<p>At Credit Advocates, your credit and debt problems are our concern. It is our mission to provide you with peace of mind about your financial future.</p>
<a href='http://creditadvocates.org/debt-management-plans/'><strong>Learn More.</strong></a> <h2> <br /><br />Eliminate your debt</h2>
<p>Sign up for a personalized debt management plan with us and see reduced interest rates, lowered monthly payments, and waived late & over-limit fees.</p>
<a class='get-started'  href='http://creditadvocates.org/debt-management-plans/'>Start becoming debt </br> free now</a> <h2>Reach out now for pre-bankruptcy counseling</h2>
<p>We provide pre-filing credit counseling and a thorough assessment of your financial situation. Credit Advocates issues Pre-Bankruptcy certificates that are required by the federal government prior to filing a bankruptcy.</p>
<a href='http://creditadvocates.org/pre-bankruptcy-counseling/'><strong>Learn More.</strong></a> <h2> <br />Housing Solutions</h2>
<p>At Credit Advocates, this is sample content and is something that Steve will be able to edit on his own once he logs into the site on the staging server.</p>
<a href='http://creditadvocates.a022digital.com/housing-counseling/'><strong>Learn More.</strong></a> <h2> <br />Ace your credit report</h2>
<p>Our certified counselors have over twenty years of experience and have access to a vast network of resources to help you reestablish credit and improve your credit report.</p>
<a href='http://creditadvocates.org/counseling-services'><strong>Learn More.</strong></a>